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Call for case studies: Charities' use of research evidence.  This autumn we will be publishing a handbook on the use of research evidence, designed with policy makers and practitioners in mind (ie those who use research but who are not research experts). We're looking for case studies of when, why and how charities have used research evidence and what the impact was for them.  The best case studies will be included in the handbook.  It's really easy to share your examples with us.


New publication: 'Knowing How To Protect: Using Research Evidence To Prevent Harm To Children' outlines some ways forward to improve evidence use in child protection. The sad reality is that abuse and neglect of children is not in decline. Much has been written about the need to rethink services and ensure that limited resources achieve the best possible outcomes for our most vulnerable children and families. This report argues that the perceived tension between using evidence to inform practice and professional judgement is misplaced and outdated. It advocates for a move toward ‘Structured Professional Judgement’, in which professional decision-making is supported by research-based standardised tools.


Evidence Exchange Podcasts and Webinar Recording: Cross UK Conversations about Alcohol: Making a Difference to Alcohol-related Harm. One of Evidence Exchange's themes is the role of evidence in developing policy and interventions that reduce people’s risk of alcohol related harm, such as ABIs - Alcohol Brief Interventions. ABIs are structured conversations or other interventions (e.g. online) designed to support people to reduce their alcohol intake. In a podcast Dr Niamh Fitzgerald discusses what is known about ABIs, how and where they work; her recent research on delivery of ABIs outside of primary healthcare, and pointers for practitioners. The Evidence Exchange Webinar recording captures more learning and discussion on this topic for those who couldn't attend the UK-wide webinar on 26 May 2015.

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Cross UK Evidence Exchange: What is Good Evidence?

Tuesday 1st of September 2015
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Developing and Delivering Interventions that Tackle Harmful Drinking

Tuesday 26th of May 2015
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