Articles What’s Happening on Wellbeing across the UK?

What’s Happening on Wellbeing across the UK?

Let’s learn from the evidence in the devolved jurisdictions

Whatever happens after the general election, we can be sure about one thing. Wellbeing and the evidence ecosystem will be at the heart of social policy making not just in Westminster but also across the UK.  

So if you want a quick primer on the exciting developments in this field, check out the range of videos from a recent roundtable organised by the Evidence Exchange project.

The event, held in Belfast on 12 March 2015, also sponsored by the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, brought together key experts from Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, to share evidence on the use of wellbeing as a purpose for government across the UK. A blog about the roundtable and wellbeing is here.

The debate in England on wellbeing is different, not least because of the lack of devolved government and its focus on public health. However the perspectives from the devolved jurisdictions highlights many commonalities and the need to exchange evidence on what works in this overarching field of public policy across the UK.

Speakers from the various jurisdictions outlined recent developments in their nations. Watch this short video from Rita Singh, Director of Policy, Cynnal Cymru as she outlines the exciting developments in Wales such as The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Bill, recently passed by the National Assembly for Wales.

Rita Singh – Director of Policy, Cynnal Cymru from AllianceforUsefulEvidence on Vimeo.

From Northern Ireland Peter Doran, a lecturer at the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast and Carnegie Associate, summarises a recent  report, “Towards a Wellbeing Framework for Northern Ireland” which advocates a new, innovative way of delivering public services.

Peter Doran – Queen’s University Belfast & Carnegie Associate from AllianceforUsefulEvidence on Vimeo.

Anne-Marie Conlong from the Office of The Chief Statistician & Performance describes the innovative approach taken by the Scottish Government:

Anne-Marie Conlong – Head of the Performance Unit, Scottish Government from AllianceforUsefulEvidence on Vimeo.

A number of follow up events from the roundtable are being organised later this year. So keep up to date by subscribing to our mailing list.