Articles ‘What is Good Evidence?’ webinar, September 2015

‘What is Good Evidence?’ webinar, September 2015


The Alliance for Useful Evidence is committed to promoting useful evidence, and its use across the public, private and third sectors. As a part of its Evidence Exchange programme that champions knowledge sharing and learning across the UK, it organised a webinar to discuss the question: ‘What is Good Evidence?’

The webinar aimed to provide an overview of standards of evidence such as those used by Nesta, Project Oracle and the Scottish Government; and to discuss how decision-makers are using them and might develop them in the future.

Three presentations were given by guest speakers to share experiences of using evidence standards from England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Over forty people attended the webinar and some discussion was begun, for example around how third sector organisation can use standards more rigorously and more often when it seems funders seldom want to pay for that development; and how to integrate the view of service users and individuals when gathering evidence given the importance of their views but also sometimes a tendency for people to like interventions which have no evidence base.

View the full webinar here.

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