Training and skills

We deliver a range of training courses and workshops, from our flagship Evidence Masterclass, to more bespoke strategic support such as our Theory of Change workshops, varying in lengths from three hours to three days.

Why are we doing this?

“Evidence is important because otherwise you’re just winging it. Without gathering evidence you’re simply flying blind.”

– Jonathan Breckon, Director of the Alliance for Useful Evidence

The use of evidence is important for good decision-making – this much is news to no one. Evidence helps us to understand problems and needs, spot opportunities, assess what works, understand how and why it works and make judgements about the better intervention or course of action.

But using evidence is far from easy. It is often hard to access and commission, slow to produce and findings are of variable quality. So how do you assess the quality of research? How do you interpret findings and make decisions on policy or practice based on evidence? How do you produce evidence that is going to be useful and accessible to decision-makers in the future? It’s genuinely difficult.

Our approach

At the Alliance for Useful Evidence, we work at the intersection between evidence producers and users across the public and charity sector in the UK. We use our expertise to help make individuals and organisations better producers and users of evidence in their day-to-day work. We do this by providing content, training and strategic support to individuals and organisations.

Our training courses bring together our practical, hands-on experience of working with a variety of sectors and organisations. We also use an evidence-based approach to professional learning. In all cases our sessions are tailored, based on the needs of our clients and partners, and delivered by subject matter experts in their field.

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“We have arranged two Evidence Masterclasses through The Alliance for Useful Evidence, which have helped to energise our work in this area. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on their own biases when using evidence, as well as picking up some tips from the extensive experience of the facilitators. We asked participants for reflective logs in the few weeks following the Masterclass and these were invaluable in providing insights that have helped us to better understand the barriers to evidence use and what action we need to take.”

– Helen Green, Knowledge Exchange Officer, Public Health Wales

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If you’re interested in hearing more about our training and skills offerings or approach, please contact Kuranda Morgan, Learning Services Manager for the Alliance for Useful Evidence.