The Research Uptake Masterclass

Evidence rarely speaks for itself. It can need an extra nudge or a helping-hand to reach, for example, the primary school classroom or a Whitehall Department Board.

There are some impressive approaches being tried to get research noticed and used. From high-level policy seminars and mentoring programmes to journal clubs used by nurses, it’s easy to feel bamboozled by the range of methods to change people’s motivation, capacity or opportunity to use research.

So what exactly are the most successful approaches to getting research used by decision-makers? Do they really work?

The Research Uptake Masterclass is an action orientated workshop, based on the findings of the Science of Using Science, a joint project conducted by the Alliance for Useful Evidence, the Wellcome Trust, the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and the EPPI-Centre at UCL that reviewed the literature on effective strategies to increase the use of research evidence.

Who’s it for?

The Research Uptake Masterclass is for research producers and synthesisers, including academic researchers, government researchers and knowledge intermediaries who want to ensure research evidence has an impact.

The course provides participants with an overview of the strategies and tools that evidence shows are most effective to get their research used by decision-makers, and what combination of approaches can optimise current approaches. It also supports them to develop their approach for their specific audiences.

Along the way, the learning groups are coached and facilitated by an expert team from the Alliance for Useful Evidence, who support participants to:

  • Reflect on the challenges and opportunities to influence specific stakeholders to use evidence.
  • Share insights and experiences of getting evidence used in their work.
  • Appraise the findings of the Science of Using Science report.
  • Use a capability, opportunity and motivation framework to develop an evidence based action plan to take the learning from the course forward.

Evidence is at the heart of what we do in our courses. The content is based on what we know works in getting evidence used, designed on our understanding of what we know supports effective professional learning and tailored to the context and stakeholder focus of the participant group. By using practical examples and an action orientated approach it gives participants the space to reflect, learn and develop their communication strategy by problem-solving with experts and peers.

As well as adapting our courses to the context of the participant group, they can also be adjusted to the time you and your team have; session lengths vary from between three hours and three days.

If you’re interested in commissioning a Masterclass or attending future sessions, please contact our Learning Services Manager Kuranda Morgan;