• Lessons from Abroad

    July 2013
    The UK has some world-leading institutions that produce and translate evidence into policy and practice. But what can we learn from overseas? This brief by Ashley Lenihan outlines some of the different approaches taken by foreign...
  • Evidence for the Frontline

    June 2013
    A report for the Alliance by Dr Jonathan Sharples, explores what can be drawn from the advances across a range of fields to mobilise research knowledge more effectively for practice in policing, teaching, probation, health and...
  • What Works Wales

    May 2013
    A discussion paper for the Alliance for Useful Evidence by Megan Mathias. Written to coincide with and inform discussion ahead of the What Works Wales seminar in Cardiff on 17 May 2013.
  • Squaring the Circle

    May 2013
    Derrick Johnstone considers fundamental questions of how local authorities and their partners are making use of evidence as they try to square the circle: that is, tackle the seemingly impossible challenge of reconciling substantial cuts in...
  • What Counts as Good Evidence?

    February 2013
    This provocation paper from Sandra Nutley, Alison Powell and Huw Davies, reviews the extent to which it is possible to reach a workable consensus on ways of identifying and labeling evidence. What Counts as Good Evidence?...
  • Innovations in Prevention

    October 2012
    A publication from our colleagues at Nesta, this paper focuses on applying an innovation lens to prevention, helping to understand the different stages involved and the resources available to enable the benefits tot be more effectively...
  • NICE for Social Policy

    May 2012
    A publication from our colleagues at Nesta, this paper outlines why we need to explore a centre - or a network of evidence centres - which help to institutionalise evidence in the decision making.