• The absence of senior social scientists

    9 October, 2012
      Guest blog by Stephen Anderson, Director of the Campaign for Social Science, discusses why the post of Chief Social Science Advisor should be reinstated. Imagine the outcry there would be if the government announced that...
  • How can evidence transform your charity?

    Monday 1 October, 2012
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    With a focus on small and medium sized charities, this event examined what the barriers are to accessing and implementing research and evaluation, and practical solutions for overcoming these.
  • Researchers on top and their useless evidence

    20 September, 2012
      Guest blog from Claire Lightowler, programme manager of Evidence-informed practice (EiP) at IRISS, discusses research practice. At an event today about community empowerment in Scotland someone approached me to discuss his less than empowering experience...
  • What works at the local level?

    Thursday 13 September, 2012
    Nesta, London
    The Alliance for Useful Evidence and the SOLACE Foundation held a lunchtime seminar 'What works at the local level?’ The event explored how evidence can help to inform policy and practice at the local level.
  • Scotland networking event

    Thursday 6 September, 2012
    During this roundtable event, delegates discussed the issues around evidence based policy and practice that are unique to Scotland.
  • Does evaluation have any impact on policy?

    31 August, 2012
      Ceri J. Philips, Professor of Health Economics at Swansea University, discusses his new book, co-authored with Colin Palfrey and Paul Thomas, which reviews the value of evaluation to policy and practice.  It comes at a...
  • Playground antics

    17 August, 2012
      Michael Gove’s decision to overturn internal advice of the School Playing Fields Advisory board has once again brought to light the difficulties politicians can have with advisory boards, writes Jo Casebourne. Politicians often have to...
  • Summer networking event

    Tuesday 24 July, 2012
    At this summer networking event there was optimism from the speakers for empiricism in public policy and plenty of reasons for why it should be adopted more. However the difficulties of engaging with evidence, for both...
  • NICE for Social Policy

    May 2012
    A publication from our colleagues at Nesta, this paper outlines why we need to explore a centre - or a network of evidence centres - which help to institutionalise evidence in the decision making.
  • Making policy better series

    Monday 13 February, 2012
    A series of seminars jointly organised between the Alliance, the Institute for Government and the National Institute for Economic and Social research explored the role of evidence and evaluation in policy-making.