Articles and events


  • Social science and replication

    11 December, 2013
      The hesitation to reproduce and replicate datasets inhibits clarity and can obscure research results. Alex Sutherland and Nicole Janz at the University of Cambridge argue for a cultural shift to demand more replication of results which can...
  • Alliance Christmas Networking Reception

    Thursday 5 December, 2013
    Nesta, 1 Plough Place, London, EC4A 1DE
    The Alliance hosted a Christmas Networking Event chaired by Gus O'Donnell and introduced by Geoff Mulgan. The event herd from Phil Sooben, Director of Policy, Research and Communications at the Economic & Social Research Council, and...
  • The time is ripe for evidence

    2 December, 2013
      Rebecca Kilburn and Michael Frearson from RAND consider in this guest blog how the European Commission is exploring child well-being, particularly through evidence-based policy and the new  European Platform for Investing in Children. Earlier this...
  • Hard Evidence: does prison really work?

    21 November, 2013
      By Ian Cummins, University of Salford In front of British courts last year were 148,000 people who had 15 or more previous convictions, according to government figures. These reports deserve closer scrutiny. The justice minister,...
  • Clearing the Air

    11 November, 2013
      In this guest blog by Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH Scotland, she examines the arguments and evidence presented in 2006 for and against the smoke-free legislation introduced in Scotland and what we can learn...