• Transforming policing through science

    5 March, 2013
      Peter Neyroud questions commonly-held opinions about addressing and reducing crime, revealing that our intuition and collective assumptions do not necessarily sit easily with the evidence. One recent US police chief, when asked why he was...
  • Is social media dodgy evidence or the future?

    11 January, 2013
      Social media has the richest, largest and most dynamic evidence base for human behaviour that has ever existed and will transform research for public policy. But policy makers must take heed of serious potential questions...
  • How evidence can help the UK’s economic growth

    7 December, 2012
      In this guest blog Professor Jonathan Shepherd writes on how increasing public and third sector investment in crime and justice and education research will increase economic growth. The importance of evidence is usually considered in...
  • The Red Book for evidence

    6 December, 2012
      At Nesta we want to take the ‘open data’ campaign a step further. We are now calling for the creation of a ‘Red Book for Evidence’. This would reveal the evidence that’s behind policy decisions...
  • The truth, the whole truth

    3 December, 2012
      In this guest blog Caroline Fiennes, the Director of Giving Evidence, investigates the value of failure and its usefulness as a source of evidence.  Thomas Edison failed more than 1,000 times before he eventually found...
  • Flying kites for evidence

    7 November, 2012
      In this guest blog, Professor Huw Davies from the University of St. Andrews, asks what counts as good (enough) evidence? What matters is what works, goes the orthodoxy for ideology-free government. But what counts as...
  • Was Sure Start an evidence-based policy?

    1 November, 2012
      In this guest blog, Naomi Eisenstadt discusses the use of evidence within the Government’s Sure Start programme.  The term ‘evidence’ is being loosely used in imprecise ways to argue for particular approaches to solving social...