Publications Mapping the Standards of Evidence used in UK social policy
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Mapping the Standards of Evidence used in UK social policy

In recent years there has been a rapid proliferation of standards of evidence and other frameworks which aim to tell us what is and isn’t working. Following in-depth consultation with the organisations who use them, Ruth Puttick has mapped and compared the 18 Standards of Evidence currently in use across UK social policy.

With a foreword by Jonathan Breckon, Director of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, we hope that this report will be of interest to those using a standards of evidence framework, and those considering developing or adopting them, to help aid understanding of how they differ, the purposes they serve, and how they can be applied. As well as helping share best practice, we also hope to prompt discussion as to whether the different standards of evidence should be brought together more coherently, such as into a single set of standards of evidence.

Look out for opportunities to be a part of this discussion. And in the meantime, if you have experience of using standards of evidence or are considering developing your own, or you would like to have your say, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at