This invitation-only roundtable marked the culmination of an ESRC Strategic Fund project involving the Wales Centre for Public Policy, Queen’s University Belfast, What Works Scotland, and the Alliance for Useful Evidence.

As part of this project, we delivered a series of summits in devolved nations featuring What Works Centres’ evidence on various policy issues, from youth mental health to local economic performance. This project aimed to:

  • Improve the reach of the What Works network in devolved nations
  • Increase collaboration between the What Works network

Hosted by Wales Centre for Public Policy in partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence, and chaired by Professor Jennifer Rubin at ESRC, this roundtable aimed to share learning from this project and facilitate discussions about how the What Works network can increase its reach in devolved nations, and how further collaboration between What Works Centres might be encouraged and supported. Invited delegates include senior What Works Centre and ESRC representatives, as well as policy makers/practitioners from each of the devolved nations.

Friday 4th of October 2019

58 Victoria Embankment, London

Speakers include

  • Professor Jennifer Rubin, Executive Chair at ESRC