At this seminar we considered the potential for a What Works Centre for Northern Ireland, particularly in regard to the models developed in Scotland and Wales, and whether such an initiative would add value to the existing policy ecosystem in this jurisdiction. There is currently no What Works Centre for Northern Ireland and this seminar brought together a small group of practitioners - mostly within government - to compare the centres developed in Scotland and Wales, and then consider whether there is a need for a similar initiative in this region.

The meeting was organised by the Alliance in association with the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe), Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister OFMDFM, and NI Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

Read our report on the event.

Thursday 28th of January 2016
2:30pm - 4:30pm

Senate Chamber, Northern Ireland Assembly, Belfast

Speakers include

  • Peter May, Permanent Secretary, Department for Regional Development and Head of the Policy Profession
  • Eileen Regan, Panel Chair of the Annual Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series, Northern Ireland Assembly (RaISe)
  • Joe Reynolds, Acting Director, Programme for Government & Delivering Social Change Division, OFMDFM
  • Nick Bland, Co-Director, What Works Scotland
  • Steve Martin, Director, Public Policy Institute for Wales
  • Peter O'Neill, Alliance for Useful Evidence