Evidence helps us to understand needs, spot opportunities, assess what works, and make judgement about the better intervention or course of action. But using evidence can be challenging, particularly for small charities with limited time and resources. It is often hard to access and commission, slow to produce and findings are of variable quality.

The Evidence Masterclass is for senior leaders and managers who want a better practical understanding of how to use evidence to boost their charity’s potential. The focus will be on learning from research evidence that is already out there from universities, independent research organisations, market researchers, or evaluations of other programmes. Learning how being able to critically assess evidence can help you strengthen your internal evaluation processes and maximize resources.

We will highlight how you can ensure your charity incorporates all types of evidence more effectively, even with limited time and money and without specialist expertise. We will show how becoming a ‘knowledge-based organisation’ can directly impact on your charity's outcomes. Better use of evidence will help you secure contracts and funding; commission or redesign programmes and services; and develop effective communications and campaigns to help fulfil your charity's mission and goals.

Wednesday 24th of May 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm

Liverpool, The Brain Charity, Norton Street , L3 8LR

Speakers include

  • Toby Blume, Alliance for Useful Evidence Associate, and co-founder of Social Engine
  • Elena Oyon, Learning Services Manager for the Alliance for Useful Evidence