Our first Evidence Masterclass for leaders of charities who want to become better users of research. Over the course of a highly interactive one-day session participants will deepen their understanding of research evidence and be able to use it more confidently and effectively in the realistic context of managing a charity. Guided by your expert facilitators you will work with senior peers to discover how evidence can inform difficult decisions on social policy and practice, and how you can inspire your charity to become a knowledge-based organisation.

Evidence helps us to understand the societal challenges facing charities and gauge the demand for their services – including evidence of local needs. It also helps us think about what interventions and courses of action might work – and what will fail, or even do harm. In a time of limited resource, we can’t afford to waste resources on areas that are known to not work. Funders are also demanding grantees to show greater impact in their work. And only decent evidence will help us to show that are making a difference.

But using evidence is far from easy. Research findings can be inconclusive and confusing. One piece of research seems to contradict another finding. Academic research is often hidden behind publishing paywalls. Original research is expensive to commission. How do you assess the quality of research, interpret findings and make decisions and changes to policy or practice based on evidence? It’s genuinely difficult. The Evidence Masterclass will help to answer these challenges.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Greater understanding of the breadth of research and the most relevant types of research,
  • Increased confidence in assessing research quality and trustworthiness,
  • Knowledge of how and where relevant evidence can be sourced,
  • Better ability to make strategic decisions based on the evidence,
  • Better ability to implement evidence in 'real world' scenarios faced by charities.

This event is for leaders of charities and non-profit organisations who are members of the Alliance for Useful Evidence.

Please contact helen.mthiyane@nesta.org.uk by 1 September 2015 if you are interested in attending.

Wednesday 30th of September 2015
10:00am - 4:00pm


Speakers include

  • Dr Tony Munton
  • Jonathan Breckon