Case Studies Evidence Intermediary Case Study: Project Oracle

Evidence Intermediary Case Study: Project Oracle

For over five years The Alliance for Useful Evidence has been supporting the development of evidence intermediaries, organisations and networks adept at evidence synthesis and knowledge mobilisation. For example, Nesta made the case for and then launched the What Works centres in 2013. More recently, the Alliance has been providing advice to organisations seeking to set up evidence intermediaries at home and abroad.

One successful evidence intermediary is the  London-based charity Project Oracle. It supports the production and use of evaluation evidence at a local level, to promote the implementation of effective services for children and young people in the capital.  Recently, Pippa Coutts, Alliance Research and Development Manager, spoke to the Chair of Trustees, Georgie Parry-Crooke and wrote a case study on Project Oracle. The case study highlights what Project Oracle does, what has worked well for it, and what its impact has been. We hope that it will provide food for thought for other sectors, generate more ideas about how to improve​ ​local​ ​evaluation​ ​practice,​ ​and​ ​inspire​ ​more​ ​engagement​ ​with​ ​evidence.

Download the case study.