Derrick Johnstone

Derrick Johnstone is a director at Educe, an organisation which specialises in policy, partnerships and performance improvement. His background in economic development and skills, widened through extensive strategy development and evaluation work across sectors and fields of policy. His experience includes a series of projects relating to technical assistance for the better use of evidence at a local level. This includes advisory and research work on the ground with local authorities and their partners. Published reports from projects for the Department for Communities and Local Government include ‘Supporting Local Information and Research: Understanding Demand and Improving Capacity’, ‘Supporting Evidence for Local Delivery: National Research and Evaluation and Seeking the Lessons: Neighbourhood Renewal Skills and Knowledge Programme Evaluation. As part of these and other local and regional projects, he has researched analytical skills and capacity. Derrick has a particular interest in related organisational and partnership development issues, including data sharing.

  • Squaring the circle

    29 May, 2013
      In this guest blog, Derrick Johnstone, author of the Alliance’s latest report, Squaring the Circle, develops the evidence discussion from the need for more robust standards of evidence and evaluation to explore the need to...
  • Squaring the Circle

    May 2013
    Derrick Johnstone considers fundamental questions of how local authorities and their partners are making use of evidence as they try to square the circle: that is, tackle the seemingly impossible challenge of reconciling substantial cuts in...