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Where’s your evidence? Supporting the information agenda in Welsh Local Government

Championing the campaign for evidence in policy-making is an old battle says Christine Boston, Corporate Policy Manager at Cardiff Council, but one we must continue to fight in order to deliver long term social outcomes. In this blog, she highlights some of the progress that has been made in the Welsh context to move towards more cross-sector collaborative approaches, as well as the value of using new evidence frameworks via the Alliance for Useful Evidence Masterclasses.

Evidence exchange and innovation in Wales

Last month, the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Institute for Government held a joint roundtable in Cardiff exploring opportunities for evidence exchange and policy learning between the UK and devolved governments. Here Leighton Andrews, Minister for Public Services in the Welsh Government, reflects on how the Welsh Government is demanding, creating and using evidence from across the UK to inform public service improvement in Wales.

Top Tips for Exchanging Learning Across the UK

This year, the Alliance’s cross UK project - Evidence Exchange - has been sharing evidence across the UK. This blog outlines some of the learning from the project’s first six months.


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