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Is there is a question about our demand for evidence and strategy in politics?

Political and cultural blogger, Alan Meban delivers his reflections from an Alliance hosted debate asking: How can government make the best use of evidence? In this blog he shares an interesting mix of personal observations and insights from both within and outside of government on the interface between analysts, academia, and policy.

After the election, how can Government make the best use of evidence?

Post general election results, Alliance for Useful Evidence Northern Ireland Manager Peter O'Neil asks a key question of how government can challenge themselves to make the best use of evidence to ensure effective policy-making. In this blog, he highlights the work of the Alliance in promoting this agenda, and makes a strong case for the development of a Northern Ireland What Works Centre.

What Works in Northern Ireland?

It's surprising, given the relative absence of think tanks and research centres in Northern Ireland, that a local What Works Centre has not been set up to assist policy makers in this jurisdiction. Peter O’Neill, Northern Ireland Manager of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, argues that it is an opportune moment to look at establishing such a centre.argues that it is an opportune moment to look at establishing such a centre.

Top Tips for Exchanging Learning Across the UK

This year, the Alliance’s cross UK project - Evidence Exchange - has been sharing evidence across the UK. This blog outlines some of the learning from the project’s first six months.


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