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Behind the headlines: just how transparent is policymaking?

Jen Gold, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government writes a response piece to the launch of the Evidence Transparency Framework developed by Sense about Science, the Institute for Government, and the Alliance for Useful Evidence. In this blog she discusses the practical ways in which such frameworks can support government transparency, and shares her five top tips to achieving this.

Benchmarking Government Transparency

In partnership with Sense about Science and the Institute for Government, the Alliance for Useful Evidence has supported the development of an Evidence Transparency Framework that asks if government is transparent about its use of evidence.

Your chance to judge the Government’s evidence on GM, smart cities and driverless cars

Martin Smith (Specialist, House of Commons Science and Technology Committee) invites you to check the evidence behind three new policy areas announced today. In this blog, he advocates a more participatory model of policy development, in which government is open to more transparent decision-making, and receptive to public scrutiny and input through a more iterative process.

Getting government to show its workings

Today the Institute for Government (IfG), in partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Sense about Science, launched an evidence transparency framework. Jill Rutter (IfG) explains how the framework came about and how it will allow the public to hold government departments to account on how they make policy decisions.


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