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Key Learnings from Evidence Works 2016: A Global Forum for Government

Results for All Executive Director, Karen Anderson and Programme Director, Abeba Taddese, effectively summarise the key takeaways from our recently launched summary report; Evidence Works 2016: A Global Forum for Government. The key arguments within the report highlight the need for diversity of evidence for government decision-making, independence of evidence production, building demand among politicians whilst encouraging broader public support for evidence, the challenges of talking about and presenting evidence, as well as working towards a global collaboration of evidence advocates.

Linking budgeting and results in the Philippines

Director of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Bureau in the Philippines Department of Budget and Management, and .Evidence Works 2016 delegate Tessie C. Gregorio shares the Philippines' journey towards results-based budgeting. In this blog, she discusses the ways in which performance-informed budgets (PIBs) has encouraged more responsible, accountable behaviours within financial agencies, but also explains some of the key challenges the Philippines has addressed in order to improve government outcomes.

Evidence exchange and innovation in Wales

Last month, the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Institute for Government held a joint roundtable in Cardiff exploring opportunities for evidence exchange and policy learning between the UK and devolved governments. Here Leighton Andrews, Minister for Public Services in the Welsh Government, reflects on how the Welsh Government is demanding, creating and using evidence from across the UK to inform public service improvement in Wales.

Top Tips for Exchanging Learning Across the UK

This year, the Alliance’s cross UK project - Evidence Exchange - has been sharing evidence across the UK. This blog outlines some of the learning from the project’s first six months.

What’s Happening on Wellbeing across the UK?

Whatever happens after the general election, we can be sure about one thing. Wellbeing and the evidence ecosystem will be at the heart of social policy making not just in Westminster but also across the UK. So if you want a quick primer on the exciting developments in this field, check out the range of videos from a recent roundtable organised by the Evidence Exchange project. The event, held in Belfast on 12 March 2015, brought together key experts from Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, to share evidence on the use of wellbeing as a purpose for government across the UK.


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