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Commissioning Possible?

Most policy organisations argue that evidence should underpin commissioning practice and many commissioners are tuned into the debate. In this blog, Sean Whelan, Realising Ambition Programme Manager at Catch 22, explores learning from the Realising Ambition programme which has assessed the role that evidence has played from the supply-side perspective as delivery organisations have engaged commissioners with their well-evidenced, preventative services.

When did it become trendy to start slating randomised controlled trials?

The current anti-Randomised Controlled Trials bandwagon is neither helpful nor accurate, explains Toby Blume, Co-Founder of Behaviour change agency, the Social Engine. In this candid blog, he acknowledges the on-going and highly publicised criticism of RCTs, and presents a compelling case for how RCTs significantly enhance current evaluation practice within a context of increasingly complex social challenges which require effective interventions, and without needing to be overly complicated, exclusive, or costly.

National Audit Office: ‘Austerity Britain’ needs evidence-based policy

Sometimes government does things in the hope, rather than the knowledge, that they will do good, writes Aileen Murphie, Director of Local Government VFM at the National Audit Office. In times of austerity, argues Murphie, we ought to be able to do better than that. Policies need to be able to demonstrate causality and billions in government spending must to be subject to effective evaluation.


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