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Eight ideas for how we can respond to the world of Trexit

In his latest blog Alliance Director, Jonathan Breckon lays the land in a darker, more complex 'post-truth' era of heightened distrust between 'experts' and the public. Arguing that 'Business As Usual' is not an option, he proposes 8 approaches to redressing this balance.

Reflections on Brexit and the evidence ecosystem

Alliance for Useful Evidence Wales Lead, Helen Cunningham offers a round up of Brexit blogs and reflections on implications for the evidence ecosystem. She also offers her own analysis of post-Brexit shifts in British politics and society; highlighting the need to question inconvenient truths about underlying frustrations across the country, and dwindling trust in politics.

After the EU Referendum – What next for UK social science?

How will Britain's departure from the EU affect our social sciences, ask Ashley Lenihan and Sharon Witherspoon from the Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science. In this blog, they discuss some of the practical and more direct implications for UK Social Sciences funding, attracting international talent, job creation, and forging global collaborations.


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