Publications The Scottish Approach to Evidence: A discussion paper

The Scottish Approach to Evidence: A discussion paper

A discussion paper released by the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Carnegie UK Trust argues that Scotland has the potential to become a world leader in evidence-based participative policymaking. The paper focuses on the specific policy context in Scotland, and its impact on evidence, asking whether there is a distinct 'Scottish approach' to public policy and evidence.

The Alliance for Useful Evidence and Carnegie UK Trust argue that Scotland is in a strong position to build upon its world leading outcomes based National Performance Framework and become an expert on how to deliver participative, outcomes based public services.

In this new discussion paper, the Trust and the Alliance suggests that while the shift toward more joined up, outcomes focused, participative policy making in Scotland is not unique, Scotland benefits from a shared understanding of the benefits of more participative public services across the public and third sector. This places Scotland in a strong position to develop high quality evidence about how to improve lives through more joined up, participative public services.

The paper sets out 5 steps that Scotland should take:

• Step 1: Strengthen the outcomes approach and promote the use of the National Performance Framework at local level
• Step 2: Build a strong evidence base for the Scottish approach
• Step 3: Develop robust and appropriate methodologies
• Step 4: Help decision-makers, at all levels, identify and use a mix of high-quality evidence
• Step 5: Learn from policy and evidence developments across the UK and share the Scottish experience.

Please contact Pippa Coutts for more information, or if you have any thoughts or feedback on the paper.