Four Nations – How Evidence-Based are Alcohol Policies & Programmes across the UK? November 2015

This report by Niamh Fitzgerald (University of Stirling) and Colin Angus (University of Sheffield) investigates the extent to which alcohol policies and programmes across the UK are based on evidence.

The divergence of alcohol policy in the four nations of the UK since devolution has allowed us to compare and contrast how evidence is used in alcohol policy and the extent to which current policies across the UK are supported by scientific evidence.  In this new report, we discovered substantial differences between the 4 nations in the way that alcohol problems are framed and policies implemented.  These differences appear to reflect the level of activity within each country, with alcohol framed as a minority issue affecting only a small group of dependent drinkers at the UK level, while the more active devolved administrations tend to view or portray alcohol problems as a whole population issue.

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