Evidence Exchange: stakeholder roundtable, Scotland

Thursday 11th of September 2014
Big Lottery Fund's Glasgow Offices 10:00am - 12:00pm


We've launched a new project - Evidence Exchange. 


We know that the best people to tell us how to achieve the impact we're aiming for are the people we're looking to engage - policy makers and practitioners.


And that's why we kicked off Evidence Exchange by holding an informal roundtable discussion on Thursday 11th September in Big Lottery Fund's offices in Glasgow.


It was be a chance for participants to share their views on how we can best share, demand and use evidence across jurisdictions, social policy areas and sectors. They also had a chance to comment on which three themes Evidence Exchange should focus on for its 18 months duration.


Alliance members (and non-members!) were welcome.



10.00  Registration


10.30  Opening: Tom Guiney, Chair (Head of Strategic Policy, Big Lottery Fund)


10.35  Background: Jonathan Breckon (Head of the Alliance for Useful Evidence)


10.45  Presentation: Dr Jim McCormick (Scotland Advisor, Joseph Rowntree Foundation)


10.50  Presentation: Patricia Lozano-Casal (Evidence into Policy and Practice Manager, Evaluation Support Scotland)


10.55  Roundtable discussion


11.55  Summing up: Tom Guiney, Chair (Head of Strategic Policy, Big Lottery Fund)


12.00  Finish



This 18 months long project, supported by the Big Lottery Fund, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Carnegie UK Trust as well as our core funding from Nesta and ESRC, will test out how we can encourage and support the sharing of 'what works' across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


    Speakers include

  • Tom Guiney, Head of Strategic Policy, Big Lottery Fund (Chair)
  • Jonathan Breckon, Head of the Alliance For Useful Evidence
  • Patricia Lozano-Casal, Evidence into Policy and Practice Manager, Evaluation Support Scotland
  • Dr Jim McCormick, Scotland Advisor, Joseph Rowntree Foundation