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Getting government to show its workings

Today the Institute for Government (IfG), in partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Sense about Science, launched an evidence transparency framework. Jill Rutter (IfG) explains how the framework came about and how it will allow the public to hold government departments to account on how they make policy decisions.

To get the right policy, ask the right question

Rohini Pande, Charity Moore and Eric Dodge (Harvard Kennedy School) explain how bringing policymakers together with researchers to work more iteratively ensured that data from the world's largest public works programme is accessible and relevant to those who use it.

Introducing our map of the UK evidence world

Stephen Bediako (The Social Innovation Partnership) and Jonathan Breckon (the Alliance for Useful Evidence) would like your feedback on a new map of the UK evidence ecosystem.

What and where is the evidence that reducing prison population works?

Howard White of the Campbell Collaboration believes arguments put forward by the Howard League's Commission on English Prisons Today are undermined by the fact they missed the opportunity to cite the rigorous evidence that reducing the prison population will not increase crime.

How to tell an impact story!

Catherine-Rose from Iriss shares her reflections on using Contribution Analysis to evaluate the impact of Iriss - an intermediary organisation with a focus on knowledge sharing, evidence-informed practice and innovation.

Kids Company: what are the lessons?

Now, more than ever, charities of every size are expected to provide evidence of impact. Tony Munton suggests that a system of peer review, and better use of existing research, would help charities achieve cost-effective, credible evidence.

Helping our frontline practitioners make an impact

David Hounsell at The Children’s Society believes the charity sector isn’t doing enough to get impact support to the frontline practitioners who need it. Only by learning from practitioners and breaking down organisational silos can we make this happen.

What Works in Northern Ireland?

It's surprising, given the relative absence of think tanks and research centres in Northern Ireland, that a local What Works Centre has not been set up to assist policy makers in this jurisdiction. Peter O’Neill, Northern Ireland Manager of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, argues that it is an opportune moment to look at establishing such a centre.argues that it is an opportune moment to look at establishing such a centre.

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