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Playground antics

Jo Casebourne discusses the role of the Alliance for Useful Evidence as an honest broker, aiming to raise the quality of both the supply and demand for evidence, and advance the campaign to make this process transparent.

Increasing evidence demand

In this guest blog following the launch of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, Professor Jonathan Shepherd discusses how increasing the demand for rigorous evidence will involve capitalising on the instinct of all decision makers.

Day 9: evidence in the real world

Ruth Puttick explores the issue of multiple interpretations of evidence and the challenges this poses for policy-making.

Day 7: making the debate relevant

Ruth Puttick draws attention to the importance of the public as a key ally in both advancing the evidence agenda and helping to demand better evidence to underpin the decision-making in public services.

Day 4: institutionalising the demand for evidence

Ruth Puttick discusses the need to stimulate the demand for evidence and the importance of ensuring that evidence is both easier to understand and decision-makers find it much harder to ignore.

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