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Royal Statistical Society’s Data Manifesto

Hetan Shah, Executive Director of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), introduces the RSS' Data Manifesto. Calling for evidence, and offical statistics to be at the heart of policy making and policy debates, the Manifesto argues for the opening up of government data and improvements in statistical literacy.

Stories or numbers OR stories and numbers

Numbers, argues Professor Trish Greenhalgh, are no more ‘factual’ than stories. The dichotomy between numbers and stories is false, writes Greenhalgh, instead we should recognise that both can be selected and moulded with the aim of constructing a persuasive narrative.

Your chance to vet the Department for Education’s evidence

An open invitation has gone out for comments on the 'strength' of the Department for Education's evidence. Jonathan Breckon, Head of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, explores how the 'strength' of evidence can be judged and how you can submit your response - as an individual or by contributing to the Alliance's. Deadline for online submissions to the Department: 12th Dec 2014.

What drives evidence systems?

What is the beating heart of a healthy evidence ecosystem? Professor Jonathan Shepherd finds that systems work best when practitioner vocation to improve services coalesces with the capacity to test solutions in rigorous experiments. This is the beating heart of an evidence ecosystem. Separating these elements makes it far more difficult to resolve real service problems and uncertainties.


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