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A Labour government in 2015: what role for evidence?

In the first in a series of blogs David Walker, the Academy of Social Sciences’ Head of Policy, asks how could Labour’s strong record on evidence translate if 2015 results in a Labour government? He argues that there are positive indicators but Ed Miliband’s government will need to be lobbied if we want them to think seriously about the role of evidence in government.

Zombie facts and the use of evidence in the 2015 General Election

The 2015 General Election will see the growth of fact-checking, according to participants in our recent roundtable. Ground-breaking innovative fact checking initiatives will make journalists, politicians and the public twice about their claims, writes Jonathan Breckon, Head of the Alliance. Their cause is simple in theory: check the evidence behind claims made by politicians. See if they are wrong - or right - or somewhere in the middle. Then tell everybody their finding via blogs, the web and Twitter.

Launching Manifesto Check for the 2015 General Election

The Conversation and Alliance for Useful Evidence have joined together to launch Manifesto Check for the 2015 general election, writes Megan Clement. Use experts from a range of academic disciplines we will scrutinise the claims and promises made by the major political parties because informed voters make better elections. And we want you to get involved.

What Works in Wales: drawing on public policy evidence from across the UK

The early days of devolution failed to deliver on their promise of ‘national laboratories’, where we could test different approaches to public services reform. Now, argues Professor Steve Martin, times have changed and the newly established Public Policy Institute for Wales is ready to support the use of evidence in public policy.


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