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Hard Evidence: less media spin

How dangerous is mental illness? Are young people's job prospects improving? Do prisons work? Megan Clement introduces Hard Evidence; funded by the Alliance, Hard Evidence tackles some of the public policy questions that dominate the news agenda and they’d like to hear your suggestions.

Evidence-based policy: data has its limits

Dr. Warren Pearce asks why, when there is such widespread support for evidence-based policy, is it so hard in practice? The answer, he argues, can be found in an array of definitions used for evidence and the shifting nature of policy that demands different kinds of evidence at different times.

House of Commons inquiry explores potential of real time analysis of social media

A House of Commons science and technology committee inquiry is looking into the potential benefits of real-time analysis of social media. According to a report for the Alliance, published last year, social media data could play an important role in policy making and public service delivery, Jason Leavey writes.


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