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Behavioural Insights Team (aka the ‘nudge unit’): a new partnership

On Wednesday 5 February 2014, the Cabinet Office and Nesta announced a new partnership that will take the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)– the nudge unit – out of government. Geoff Mulgan explains how he hopes Nesta can play its part in taking the work in this partnership, to another level.

Macmillan Cancer Support: putting evidence at the heart of what we do

There remains a vast chasm between research and policy, partly because the 'wily policy fox' and the 'prickly research hedgehog' rarely work together from the start, according to Adrienne Skelton who leads on evidence at Macmillan Cancer Support. But there are some tips on how we might hit the ‘sweet spot’ between evidence and social policy design.

Videos: What counts as good evidence? by Sandra Nutley and Huw Davies

The following two-part video was produced as a virtual keynote address for the Ontario Education Research Symposium, Canada (18-20 February, 2014). Sandra Nutley and Huw Davies were asked to talk about their provocation paper on ‘What counts as good evidence?’

Video: The need for evidence by Jonathan Breckon

Jonathan Breckon, Head of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, explains the Alliance network and how and why it encourages the greater take-up of evidence in social policy and practice.

Videos: Evidence and well-being conference

The Evidence and Well-being conference helped to identify how a What Works Centre for Well-being could influence policies, practice and ultimately how it could achieve a positive impact. Here are a series of short films which document the day.


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