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The evaluation of Project Oracle

Yesterday Nesta published the independent evaluation of Project Oracle. It shows that Project Oracle is a much needed initiative, helping to grow the evidence behind youth services, and then helping link this into the funding and commissioning process.

How to get policymakers to use more evidence – a systematic review

A dearth of clear, relevant and reliable research evidence continue to block the use of research, according to a study of 145 research papers on evidence use. Difficulty finding and accessing this research, is also a major problem according to the authors of the review: Kathryn Oliver, Simon Innvær, Theo Lorenc, Jenny Woodman, and James Thomas.

The poor state of evaluation in government

Phil Bradburn, an Audit Manager at the National Audit Office, suggests four recommendations to encourage greater uptake of evaluation within government based on the NAO report published in December 2013.


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