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Why social research isn’t changing society (yet)

In this guest blog, Penny Young, the Chief Executive of Natcen Social Research, explores why social research is not (yet) having a great enough effect on making society better and what we can learn from other research disciplines.

What works for this class: teacher judgement and my Year 7s

In this guest blog, Loic Menzies draws on his own experience as a secondary school teacher to champion the importance of developing nuanced judgement to decide 'what works' in a particular situation, alongside the value of evidence-informed practice in the classroom.

Transforming policing through science

This guest blog from Peter Neyroud reveals that the evidence about 'what works' in policing doesn't always align with intuition and collective assumptions, and discusses the importance of the role of the new College of Policing in enhancing knowledge and evidence within the profession.

Administrative data linkage: the key to improving public policy?

David Walker, Chair of the ESRC Methods and Infrastructure Committee, discusses the Administrative Data Taskforce, and the potential rewards for public policy and social science of bringing together administrative data with academic investigation.


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